Swiss Finance & Property – LatAm is an alternative investment and advisory firm specializing in direct real estate investments and asset management in South America. Alternative asset  management activities encompass investments in physical real estate, management of specific assets, and advisory on purchases, sales, and ideal structuring of individual properties or property portfolios. Corporate finance activities include advisory for mergers & acquisitions, equity and debt fundraising in private capital markets and real estate sales.  Based out of Buenos Aires, SFP - LatAm has invested in a handful of deals in Argentina and is constantly monitoring and evaluating opportunities in other countries throughout the region (with a specific focus on Uruguay, Chile, Peru, and Colombia).    With its wealth of regional knowledge and extensive network, SFP - LatAm excels in sourcing, evaluating, and investing in attractive real estate opportunities in LatAm markets while maintaining the high standards of professionalism required by its relationship with Swiss Finance & Property in Zurich, Switzerland - who also utilizes their vast expertise in the  European real estate market as a sounding board in order to create the most value possible in regional ventures. About us Welcome Swiss Finance & Property - Latam | Arévalo 1772 5°A, Palermo, Buenos Aires | Tel/Fax +54 11 4778 7485 | Argentina