Hotel Own Puerto Madero Hotel Casa Carlos Amenabar Puerto Madero Penthouse Swiss Finance & Property - Latam | Arévalo 1772 5°A, Palermo, Buenos Aires | Tel/Fax +54 11 4778 7485 | Argentina Amenabar Pipeline Amenabar 23 was once a piecemealed warehouse in the fringes of Palermo Hollywood functioning as a rundown B office space.  SFP - LatAm was attracted  to the specific location as well as the characteristics of the building which allowed for a very impactful facelift through a minimal intervention renovation  whereby the entrance, façade, mezzanine level, and lobby were all upgraded.  SFP - LatAm was able to re-lease the whole building to one of the existing  tenants within one month of purchasing the property (3 months were left on the original lease) bumping the rent 85% above its previous level.   SFP believed  in the location as it is conveniently located within 5 blocks of a major subway, train, and avenue allowing for easy access for workers and is also surrounded  by a corridor of restaurants and hotels (LIVE Hotel) which continues to grow as Palermo Hollywood expands northeast toward the neighborhood of  Colegiales.