Hotel Own Puerto Madero Hotel Casa Carlos Amenabar Puerto Madero Penthouse Hotel Casa Carlos Swiss Finance & Property - Latam | Arévalo 1772 5°A, Palermo, Buenos Aires | Tel/Fax +54 11 4778 7485 | Argentina Pipeline The properties of Hotel Casa Carlos are located on a quiet cobblestone street in San Telmo, the most traditional and historic part of Buenos Aires, near the  famous Plaza Dorrego and only a couple of blocks from the San Telmo market. San Telmo unites the modern flair of Buenos Aires with its historic heritage.  Hotel Casa Carlos is a redevelopment project of four lots, 3 of which are existing structures that require a level of protection by the historical preservation  branch of the municipality. The project of Hotel Casa Carlos involves a complete renovation of all four houses, including the historic building, but respecting  the guidelines of the new law. Approx 60 rooms and full guest amenities including Spa, pool area and restaurants will make Hotel Casa Carlos a new and  fresh Boutique Hotel destination in this lively bohemian neighborhood of Buenos Aires. The inspiration for the project comes from the main structure at Casa  Carlos, which was built in 1890. The project will look to restore the rich history of the building while expanding on its central themes.The sensitvely restored  details of the building will then be accented with touches of contemporary charm; creating an environment of genuine historic reference with updated elegance  and sophistication – a unique product for Buenos Aires.