Marina, an Argentine native, received her Bachelor Degree of Architecture from the Universidad de Buenos Aires and is currently studying for a Masters in Urban Economics at the Universidad di Tella. She began her professional career with Kremer- Williams Architects, specializing in single family homes, interior design and hotels. After completing her Bachelors Degree, Marina spent time teaching at the Universidad de Buenos Aires and subsequently worked one year as a project manager in the department of urban development for the City of Buenos Aires.  William Bateman Luciano Ferraro Marina Solomonoff Joaquin Mondelli Marina Solomonoff Swiss Finance & Property - Latam | Arévalo 1772 5°A, Palermo, Buenos Aires | Tel/Fax +54 11 4778 7485 | Argentina Following her public sector experience, Marina spent four years working for a highly reputable architectural studio, Berdichevsky-Cherny, focusing on feasibility studies, development of projects and construction documentation. Marina began with Swiss Finance as the team Project Manager in 2009